Online Real Escape Game ”Escape from the Lockdown: The Strange Village”;

Online Real Escape Game ”Escape from the Lockdown: The Strange Village”;


A villager by day, and a monster that attacks people by night. A werewolf.
In order to minimize the damage, the village took many countermeasures.
Outing restrictions. Villagers surveilling each other. Village lockdown.

One night, the terrifying howl of a werewolf echoed throughout the village.
In the morning, a body covered in blood was discovered.

"Who is the werewolf?"

In order to protect the villagers,
everyone participated in remote meetings from home by utilizing a crystal with communication abilities.
You must listen to the villagers who argue and accuse each other.
Watch everything they do closely.
Discover the lie within their words.
Find the werewolf, and survive.

You only have a few days before the village is destroyed.
Will you be able to solve the mysteries and save the village?

・In order to play, you will need a compatible device (a computer or tablet) with internet connection.
For the best experience, we recommend a computer or a tablet with a large screen. You can participate with your smartphone, but it may be difficult with a small screen.

・Since this is an online event, the quality of the videos may vary depending on your internet connection.
We can not make any guarantees regarding this.

・You will be watching videos throughout the gameplay. Check this page to ensure that you can view the videos prior to your ticket purchase.

【How to Play】

① After purchasing a ticket, you can find your unique game URL listed under the section “My Bookings” of your account page.

*How to view your “My Bookings” on a computer:
You can access it by clicking the “My Bookings” tab at the top of the page.


*How to view your “My Bookings” on a smartphone:
Click the button at the top right with the horizontal lines to open the menu bar.
Select “My Bookings” from the list to access the page.

② Click the URL to access the game page and begin playing!

【 If you are playing with friends 】
・ If you are playing as a group, please make sure that every player purchases a ticket each.
You can each buy a ticket using your own account, or get a representative to buy everyone’s tickets on their account.
If a representative buys all the tickets, they will receive unique game URLs for everyone.
Please share each unique URL with the other players.
・You will need to use an app such as ZOOM or LINE that can hold a group call for communication purposes within your group during the game.

【 Important Points 】
*After a ticket is purchased, refunds will not be issued in cases where there are technical problems with the customer’s computer, phone, or device. We seek your understanding on this.
*Reselling of tickets or unique game URL for business purposes is prohibited under any circumstances.
*Only one person can access each unique game URL.
It will not load if more than 1 person tries to access the same URL.
*All call and communication costs incurred between players will be your own responsibility.
*Once purchased, you can play the game at any time and date within the event period.

☆Payment Methods

■Credit Card Payment

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