【Asakusa】Escape from the Haunted Manor 【English】

【Asakusa】Escape from the Haunted Manor 【English】

Rumors of a haunted mansion plaque a certain town.
“Everyone who enters will never be seen again.”
The town experienced missing person incidents frequently, making this claim seem more plausible.
You, a detective, have been assigned to this case.
"Your job was to verify the theory that the culprit occupies this house.
You’ve come while the suspect isn’t home in hopes to find evidence in this so-called haunted mansion."
You and your team desperately search the dim-lit house for clues.
Just then, a door creaks open, and you sense someone enter.
"Are you ready?"
"Not yet," you find yourself whispering in reply to the hoarse voice.
The voice, coated in amusement, replies–"I'm coming for you."
And thus begins the horror game of hide-and-seek.
What secrets lay hidden in this house?
Why hide-and-seek?
Can you escape before terrible things happen?
Conquer your fears, solve the mysteries inside the house,
and get out alive.
Will you succeed?

Advanced: 2,400 yen
On-the-day: 2,700 yen
Group Ticket: Advanced 13,200 yen / On-the-day 14,400 yen
Time extension: 800 yen for 10 mins
Sat/Sun/PH & High Season
Advanced: 2,700 yen
On-the-day: 3,000 yen
Group Ticket: Advanced 14,400 yen / On-the-day 16,200 yen
Time extension: 800 yen for 10 mins

If you wish to play at a time different from those available on the website, please fill out this form . We will do our best to accommodate your request.

--A minimum of 2 people is required for this experience.
-If you book a solo ticket and no one else books the same session, you will be asked to choose another date for the experience.
-You may be moved to another time session or date if you are the only one to turn up on the day.

*High Season refers to extended holiday periods such as Golden Week in May, Year end and New Years, Summer Holidays etc.
Make sure you check the ticket price carefully when purchasing tickets.
*If a certain session is sold out online, there won’t be on-the-day tickets either.
*You can return for the same experience again if you wish.
If one participant has already played the game before, please make sure to purchase the Group Ticket for your group.
*Please note that all tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable once purchased.

*Up to 6 tickets can be purchased per transaction.
We apologize if the session of your choice happens to be sold out.

What is a Group Ticket?
A Group Ticket allows you to have a private session for your group by buying out an entire session. You may join with 2-6 people.
If you do not want strangers joining your group, please purchase the Group Ticket.
Purchasing a Group Ticket is slightly cheaper than purchasing 6 individual tickets. Your group can be anywhere from 2 to 6 people.

Important points when purchasing the Group Ticket
-Discount coupons cannot be applied to Group Tickets.

Sessions that have been booked by at least one other participant will not have Group Tickets available.
All members of the group must be present when you check in on the day.

-Children aged 5 and below will not be counted as a participant.
-Children aged 12 and below will not be allowed to participate on their own.
-A guardian must join the group for children below 12 to participate.

Payment Methods
-Credit Card Payment
VISA / Mastercard / JCB / AMEX / Diners
-Convenience Store
Family Mart / Lawson / Seico Mart / Ministop / Daily Yamazaki

Location : REAL ESCAPE ROOM Asakusa[Access]

Details:Please confirm the following

☆Payment Methods

■Credit Card Payment

Event Month:

Event start time Booking Status Book
Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024 19:50 ~ Remaining 2 people On-the-day Booking
Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024 19:50 ~ Remaining 6 people Book
Thursday, Apr 25, 2024 19:50 ~ Remaining 6 people Book
Friday, Apr 26, 2024 20:00 ~ Remaining 6 people Book
Saturday, Apr 27, 2024 21:20 ~ Remaining 6 people Book
Sunday, Apr 28, 2024 21:20 ~ Remaining 6 people Book
Monday, Apr 29, 2024 16:10 ~ Remaining 3 people Book
Monday, Apr 29, 2024 21:20 ~ Remaining 6 people Book
Tuesday, Apr 30, 2024 21:20 ~ Remaining 6 people Book