Escape from the Never-Ending Locks and Keys

Escape from the Never-Ending Locks and Keys

Here lies a strange room with too many locks to count.
Tiny locked doors fill the spaces on the walls.
Mysterious boxes scattered about.
Shelves with rows and rows of drawers.
And the exit, closed shut…
Every single one of them needing a key to open.
There’s only one way to get out:
Find over 60 keys hidden within the room and open every single lock.
You have 30 minutes.
The only clues you have are a handful of symbols and numbers.
Put your creativity and scavenging skills to the test.
Can you conquer the ultimate room of locks and keys?

Advanced: 2,400 yen
On-the-day: 2,700 yen
Group Ticket: Advanced 12,600 yen
Time extension: 800 yen for 10 mins
Sat/Sun/PH & High Season
Advanced: 2,700 yen
On-the-day: 3,000 yen
Group Ticket: Advanced 14,400 yen
Time extension: 800 yen for 10 mins

If you wish to play at a time different from those available on the website, please fill out this form . We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Location : REAL ESCAPE ROOM Shimokitazawa[Access]

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